Retirement Planning & Social Security

Elder Couple

Bridging the change between work life and retirement can be a daunting and stressful task. Typically, the process brings up more questions that you may not immediately know the answers to.

The retirement process is a two phase process, accumulation and distribution. You spend your working life accumulating assets, you cross the bridge into retirement, then you use those assets during retirement. If financial mistakes are made they are most often made on the distribution side.

At Siebert Investment Services, we will help you make a successful transition by helping you answer questions such as:

  • Do I have enough money saved to live the retirement lifestyle I want?
  • How do I pay for care in the event of a major illness?
  • How will inflation impact my retirement savings?
  • Will helping my children through college have a detrimental effect on my retirement?

Social Security

Social Security makes up about 38% (1) of a retirees income which is a significant amount. There are multiple ways in which a married couple can take Social Security so as part of our Retirement Planning we help you by:

  • Showing you how to verify your Social Security benefits
  • Discussing how your benefits are calculated
  • Determining best age at which to take Social Security
  • Assessing what strategy will maximize your Social Security
  • How will Social Security impact my income?
  • Analyzing whether or not you have enough assets to take advantage of a Social Security maximization strategy
  • Discussing what changes you can expect in Social Security benefits


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